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Top 15 Children-Themed Murals

October 3, 2020
1 min read
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Walk through a world of creativity and imagination as we present to you various murals that revolves around the concept of childhood by celebrated artists. Childhood has been used in street art to evoke a wide array of themes, be it playful or political messages.

Scroll down below and explore the innocence and wonder of childhood through these amusing murals.

Roamcouch in Gifu, Japan (2018)

BumbleBee in Seattle, USA (2015)

Ever in La Boca, Buenos Aires (2017)

Rustam QBic in Shanghai, China (2017)

Mono Gonzalez and Seth in Kiev, Ukraine (2017)

Kevin Ledo and Paola Delfin in Miami, USA (2018)

Case Ma’Claim in Berlin, Germany (2018)

Ernest Zacharevic in Dubai, UAE (2016)

Lonac in Florida, USA (2016)

Joe Iurato x Rubin in New York, USA (2014)

Pilpeled in Venice Beach, Los Angeles (2019)

Fintan Magee in Brisbane, Australia (2014)

Telmo Miel in Versailles, France (2019)

Seth Globepainter in Paris, France (2015)

Millo in Ukraine (2018)

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