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Nafir “Emptiness Of You” Limited Edition Artworks – Available Now

October 23, 2020
1 min read
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Iranian artist Nafir have collaborated with StreetArtNews for this series of limited edition artworks entitled “Emptiness Of You”. It comes in 4 different editions and a unique one. The artworks will be priced at 590$ and are available now on StreetArtNews store.

Edition 1 – 60 X 70 cm

“Emptiness Of You” Editions are stencil portraits over parts of traditional handmade Persian carpet from Kashan. The map of the carpet was  originally from Kashan City. Most Iranian Kashans follow a medallion-and-corner pattern. Kashan stands for the highest standards and traditional production of the finest craftsmanship, and are mostly knotted from very good wool.

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Edition 2 – 50.5 x 73 cm

Edition 3
 – 60.5 x 71 cm

Edition 4
 – 61 x 76 cm

 – 50 x 75 cm

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