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Recap: “The Social Paradox” Group Exhibition @ London’s Calio

December 11, 2017
2 min read
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Last month in London, “The Social Paradox” group exhibition opened its doors for the weekend at the Stolen Space Gallery, a show focusing and highlighting people’s over reliance on technology and social media. The exhibition was curated by Rom Levy.

Some of the world’s leading urban artists such as iHeart, Joe Iurato, London Police, Mad Steez, Martin Whatson, Mau Mau, Millo, Myneandyours, Nafir and Word To Mother created for this exhibition a series of brand new works reflecting their views and thoughts on “The Social Paradox” theme.

Show was initiated by Calio – Calio is a unique and brilliant personal calendar that makes it easier for you to create and share events with friends, and keep everything in one place.

Technology has added many benefits to society, from giving us greater choice and information, to allowing us to connect with many people from all around the world. However the downside of this has become more apparent in recent times. While people are virtually connected, there is an obvious separation between people in the real world. The technology meant to bring us closer to the people furthest away, is taking us further away from the people closest to us…

“Social media is so deeply embedded in our daily lives that I felt it was unfair for it to be exempt from any mockery. It’s sad to think that the technology that has made us privy to every waking moment of each other’s lives is also the wedge that drives us further from the people peripheral to our screens. However, I take refuge knowing that we can still bring people together for art shows that celebrate them drifting apart.”


To request the preview list, you can get in touch with [email protected]

Take a look below for some images from the opening of this show and keep checking back with us for the latest updates from London!

Recap: “The Social Paradox” Group Exhibition @ London’s Calio

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