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“Chasm” by Daniel Popper at EDC, Las Vegas

October 28, 2021
1 min read
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Sculptor Daniel Popper just showcased his latest piece at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Las Vegas. His work is entitled “Chasm” which means a deep fracture in the earth or rock. It can also mean a profound difference between people, viewpoints and feelings. 

Close to 3 years ago Daniel Popper was asked to create this entrance way to Nomads Lands at EDC Las Vegas. The brief was to create this kind of post apocalyptic rave monument.

Daniel Popper is a multidisciplinary artist known globally for his larger-than-life sculptures, and spectacular public art installations. From Cape Town, South Africa, Daniel has travelled the globe creating an array of sculptures, installations and stages.

Many of his projects include collaborations with other artists, technicians, and artisans to incorporate electronic music, LED lighting, and projection mapping as key components. Daniel creates both temporary and permanent work in public spaces.

Check out below for more photos of “Chasm”.

Graffiti work done by A-Aron @ag_pnt
Photo credits: @jonx
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