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New Mural by Éric Lacan in Hérault, France

April 13, 2022
1 min read
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Urban artist Éric Lacan have worked on a new mural in Hérault, France. The mural features his signature black and white portraitures but instead of elegant female subjects this work features a skull with a beautiful floral headpiece.

Éric Lacan started to draw attention to himself at the end of the 2000’s with black and white wheatpastes under the nickname Monsieur Qui. Behind his sometimes elegant, sometimes scraggy mysterious female portraits hide a subtle satire of society’s diktat around women. Graphic details like hair entangled in bramble, flowers, and words scratched on the canvas surface, cannot but bewitch passer-byes and imbue his work with a powerful, dark and melancholic romanticism.

Check out below for more photo of Monsieur Qui’s  latest work.

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