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Volery Gallery at CAN Art Fair Ibiza 2022

July 12, 2022
2 min read
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Volery Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in Contemporary Art Now, Ibiza (CAN). The fair focuses on the Now and solely on the latest happenings in the contemporary art world.

Volery Gallery’s main aim is to offer the Middle East exposure to the latest happenings in the international art world, exhibiting and collaborating with artists and galleries representing the New Contemporary wave.

Volery will exhibit the works of six outstanding artists, Ana Barriga, Ms. Dyu, Britty Em, Franco Fasoli, Tosin Kalejaye and Putu Adi Suanjaya (Kencut). Their work has a common thread of questioning their surrounding environments and societies. Flat backgrounds, cartoon characters and colourful toys take over the space to raise questions and recall past experiences.

The selection brings together the mischievousness, irony and humour of Barriga’s universe, where the artist is met with children’s toys and daily colourful objects from which unforeseen situations that do not fit the rules emerge. The ironic presentation of society in Ms. Dyu’s work is seen in her cartoonish display of characters interacting with their surrounding environment. The extraordinary trip Em’s work takes the audiences through her extravagantly colourful and playful work filled with patterns, symbolism and nostalgic objects. The dispute, conflict and discursive juxtaposition in Fasoli’s work in which he questions the questions already asked. The flat backgrounds in Kalejaye’s work, in conjunction with his vividly painted figures, he utilises his work to convey his opinions and impressions about the everyday Black experience in modern society. The stuffed toys and the buttoned eyes are recurring characters in Kencut’s work, reflecting and mirroring his past experiences from a young age that are embedded within his subconscious.

You can book your tickets to this year’s festival at Contemporary Art Now’s website.

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