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Coverage: “The Apology of Anger” Solo Exhibition by MissMe at Taglialatella Galleries, NYC

April 23, 2023
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@miss_me_art @taglialatellagalleries

Following the success of last summer’s sold-out show at Taglialatella Galleries in Toronto, MissMe presents The Apology of Anger in its second iteration, as well as her debut solo exhibition in New York City.

MissMe is a Montreal-based contemporary artist known for her fearless feminist iconography. In The Apology of Anger, she continues to explore themes that have driven her career and developed her unmistakable artistic style by mixing raw, bold imagery with textual references derived from the dialogue surrounding gender, sexuality and bodily autonomy.

The Apology of Anger delivers MissMe’s visual voice to many who feel confined – or denied – by cultural constructs for women: how to dress; how to act; how to look; how to compose oneself to the public. Social media has compounded these unnatural, societal expectations of being an idyllic woman, yet MissMe’s art on Instagram has been under siege. While pornography is ever-present on social media, Meta has restricted MissMe’s account numerous times and removed more than 20 of her posts, despite following the appropriate guidelines for posting content.

MissMe answers, in-part, with imagery inspired by her signature mask. Famously worn by the anonymous artist, her mask also represents defiance of the expectations placed upon women to please the male gaze. The show consists of 25 compositions entitled “selfies”, commenting on the expectation of perfection.

As part of the continuation of the thematic collection, MissMe has also created a series of provocative, interactive photographs, a series of large-scale paintings, and will unveil the maquette to her first life-sized sculpture. The sculpture is born from MissMe’s iconic imagery, bringing her own figure, body and partially masked identity to a new medium for the artist’s message:

To be born with a woman’s body is to bear the unsolicited burden of humanity’s unresolved attitudes towards sex. She learns to adapt to a patriarchal system that blames women for the misbehavior of men.”

“Also… Women Don’t Owe You Shit!”


The Apology of Anger will be open to the public daily, Mon-Saturday, 10-6pm until May 6th:

@sarahseacircle @miss_me_art @taglialatellagalleries

Taglialatella Galleries – 229 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

@gutzilla @sarahseacircle@miss_me_art @taglialatellagalleries

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@elleresqphoto@miss_me_art Photo: @sarahseacircle

All Photo’s Copyright 2022 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @elleresqphoto

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