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Coverage: Shepard Fairey (OBEY), Beastie Boys, Glenn Friedman, & LISAProject New Mural in NYC.

October 20, 2023
1 min read
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Shepard Fairey and the OBEY family were recently back in NYC to paint a 6 story Beastie Boys Mural celebrating 50 years of hip-hop!  Shepard Fairey in conjunction with LISAProjectNYC, Hard Rock Hotel NYC, & Hip-Hop 50 chose this iconic photograph of the Beastie Boys by Glen E. Friedman to tower over Alphabet City and the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NYC to be a constant reminder of 50 years of Hip-Hop, and how it has impacted NYC and its culture. Head over to 14th St. & Avenue A in Manhattan, NYC to see it for yourself. But for now  check out some behind the scenes photos of the OBEY GIANT crew completing this monster task in just 4 days!

@osk_osk_, @miishab, @zagnutz, @obeygiant, @homeoftoast, @jonathanfurlong

@thedrif, @obeygiant

@osk_osk_, @miishab, @homeoftoast

@osk_osk_, @zagnutz, @obeygiant,@jonathanfurlong

@osk_osk_, @miishab, @zagnutz, @obeygiant, @homeoftoast, @jonathanfurlong, @elleresqphoto, @thedrif, @lisaprojectnyc, @glenefriedman Photo by @joerussophoto

All Photo’s & Text Copyright 2023 Matthew A. Eller.  Follow me on Instagram @elleresqphoto. #elleresqphoto #elleresqphotowall

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