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New Work by Bip Apollo in Monte-Carlo, Monacco

July 6, 2023
1 min read
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Street artist Bip Apollo recently spraypainted a rare 1965 Mustang for new private car collection.

“In this painting, “Apollo’s Charriot” I created dripped out versions of ancient Roman/Greek sculptures I’m studying as I shift toward bronze and silver work…one of Zeus (of Otricoli), the other of Juno (of Ludovisi). In ancient mythology, these two were married lovers, and I liked the idea of a couple riding in this car together after my painting… 🚀💫,” the artist shared on his posts.

Bip Apollo (also known online as “Bip Graffiti”, “BiP”, and “Believe in People”) is a formerly anonymous painter and sculptor who is, according to at least one description, “known internationally for his role in spear-heading the North American street art revival”.

Bip produces work internationally as a large-scale muralist, street artist, and an occasional animator. BiP does not consider his spray-painting, stenciling, and wheat-pasting to be traditional graffiti, as graffiti artists focus on perfecting lettering styles, spreading their brand and other common characteristics of graffiti.

Scroll down below for more photos of Bip’s latest work.

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