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“Baby With A Handgun” by BiP in San Francisco

November 15, 2019
1 min read
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Elusive artist BiP just sent over a series of images from his latest creation that just spawned on the streets of San Francisco.

Entitled “Baby With A Handgun”, the ultra-realistic piece will surely surprise a few passer-by in the upcoming month. Rock on Baby!

Hailing from California, BiP is an anonymous muralist specializing in large buildings who is known internationally for his role in spear-heading the North American street art revival. By combining breath-taking, subtle color mixing with ground-breaking, original concept work, BiP creates museum-quality street pieces with an emphasis on humanist and working-class themes. Simultaneously thought-provoking and humorous, BiP pieces are crowd favorites known for stop- ping traffic in cities like San Francisco, where BiP has amassed a growing series of large buildings that are impossible for visitors to miss.

Take a look below to discover all of the images and we’ll update you on BiP as we receive news on his latest murals.

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