“Melt Fast, Die Young” by Roberto Ciredz in Rouen, France

The second edition of Rouen impressionnée Urban Art Festival which takes place in Rouen, a port city on the Seine and the capital of Normandy, is preparing to see the born of almost twenty murals until September 2020. Among many artists invited, we also find Cagliari based artist, Roberto Ciredz. For the occasion, he created

“Il mondo di sopra” by VESOD in Milan,Italy

Vesod just recently finished a new mural in Piazzale Selinunte, Milan. This artwork is part of the Arte a San Siro project. Vesod’s mural features children on swings over twisting birds-eye-view urbanscapes. “Art in Sancero” is a project that includes realizing frescoes on the facade of the buildings of the region to revive it aesthetically and dynamically;

“Social Distancing” by Ludo in Paris, France

Street artist Ludo is back with new murals on the streets of Paris. The first mural features roses with handcuffs that somehow mirrors the situation today where there is a need for social distancing. His next mural shows a skeleton posing for a selfie which is entitled “iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro (with Dual optical

‘Subway Art Breakthrough’ by Lek & Sowat

French graffiti artists Lek & Sowat have unveiled the second phase of their artistic intervention called ‘ Subway Art Breakthrough’ on the tunnel boring machine ‘Koumba’, building an extension to the underground tube line 14 in Paris.

“KAOS TRIP: A Color Journey by Okuda San Miguel” in Guangzhou, China

It has taken nine months and an infinite amount of effort within a Chinese-Spanish multidisciplinary team working in the midst of a global pandemic crisis. But finally, ‘Kaos trip’ made its debut last July 10 in K11 Art Mall in Guangzhou, China. This show  offers a tour of the different supports, formats and techniques that

“Eco Vs Ego” by Reskate in Grenoble, France

The spanish duo Reskate Collective realized a new mural in Grenoble, France for the 6th Edition of the Grenoble Street Art Festival ’20. Entitled the “Resilience” Edition, even this year GSAF managed to bring together a variety of artists in the capital city of the French Alps, promoting three months of installations, exhibitions, meet-ups and

“LEST WE FORGET” by AKUT in Mannheim, Germany

Last Friday, July 10th, urban artist and photographer Falk Lehmann better known as AKUT finished a giant, radiant mural in Mannheim, Germany. Invited by Stand.Wand.Kunst, an urban art project initialized by the “Alte Feuerwache”, which invites national and international artist to paint Mannheims grey walls each summer since 2013, and in cooperation with filmmaker and