Floating on a dream by Artez in Imola, Italy

The prolific period of Serbian artist Artez still goes on fascinating us with his dreamy and onyric works around the world. This time he landed in Italy to take part to Restart Urban Festival in Imola. Restart is a festival of urban culture that does not use only street art as a medium of urban

Coverage: Croydon Rise Festival

For the past few weeks, Croydon, a city located south of London, has been launching the first edition of the yearly Croydon Rise Festival, a celebration of UK and international urban art. Curated by @Monoprixx, @Wherethereswalls and RISEGallery, this celebration is rapidly becoming London’s largest international urban art festival with some of the world’s leading urban

Roamcouchʼs new mural “When You Wish Upon A Star -Hawaii” in Gifu, Japan

The Japanese street artist Roamcouch recently wrapped up a new wall entitled “When You Wish Upon A Star -Hawaii” on the streets of Gifu, Japan. This piece depicting exquisite Waikiki Beach is the fifth edition of the “When You Wish Upon A Star” series followed by New York, London, Paris and Venice (cover). I wanted

Vhils x Amnesty International In Lisbon

Vhils recently finished his latest mural in his hometown of Lisbon, created for the 2018 edition of the Iminente festival he founded two years ago. As a result of his collaboration with Amnesty International, the mural is aiming to channel the festival’s popularity to raise awareness about the unsolved brutal killing of Brazilian human rights

Croydon Rise Festival : Aida Wilde ‘Less Homes 4U’

For the Croydon Rise Festival, London based artist AIDA WILDE decided to create a bespoke shop front window named ‘Less Homes 4U’. Using her signature vibrant neon pink dotted wallpaper and black block text imagery, Aida Wilde continues to denounce the gentrification process.   For many years she has been championing powerful text based street

RUN ‘ The Thinker Child’ new mural for the Croydon Rise Festival

Giacomo Bufarini aka RUN just completed a monumental mural in Croydon called the Thinker Child in Croydon, South of London as part of the Croydon Rising Festival. “The Thinker Child” brings a whole series of considerations and reflections by the artist. “When I see the cities that are losing their identity or are embracing the

Phlegm creates a new piece at the southern tip of the Isle of Wight

British artist Phlegm, recently traveled to a small town called Ventnor, which is on the southern tip of the Isle of Wight in the UK It often feels to us that street art, and many creative projects which look at re-imagining our urban environment are exclusively focussed on major cities and metropolitan hubs, and rural