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“Cannot” by Biancoshock in Lodi, Italy

September 15, 2022
1 min read
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Biancoshock recently worked on a new project in Lodi, Italy. Entitled “Cannot”, this installation is a part of the artist’s ‘Nice To Meet You’ Series.

Biancoshock uses elements that are easily recognizable as belonging to Western pop culture. His works can be presented as performances in which he is the protagonist of interventions on the street and in which passers-by actively participate, but also as interventions carried out directly on elements of street furniture. Soft toys, puppets, games, famous brands, objects that make up the home furnishings and everyday life are decontextualized and thanks to this conceptual and linguistic operation become other, coming to convey a message to the user through irony and provocation.

His artistic project began in 2004 after a previous ten-year experience in the Graffiti world. This background spontaneously led him to live the city as a stage for his artistic actions.

From the beginning, the artist expresses himself mainly through independent urban installations, different from each other in terms of technique, materials and subjects, but united by the same intent: to offer a starting point for reflection – sometimes ironically, other times provocatively – to the passer-by, trying to emotionally disturb his daily routine.

Check out below for more photos of “Cannot”.

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