Watch Swizz Beatz and BACARDÍ’s Trailer for No Commission Berlin

Swizz Beatz and BACARDÍ just released a new trailer for their recurring No Commission event that’s heading to Europe. Berlin is latest city to welcome No Commission and those who attend will get to experience an “innovative art and music platform.” The music and art fair is also designed to support artists as they will receive 100%

Pantonio in Cherkasy, Ukraine

Portuguese artist Antonio Carreira aka Pantonio just wrapped up a brand new mural on the streets of Cherkasy in Ukraine. In town for the Mural Social Club, Pantonio unveiled another large piece of work which is featuring some of his signature animal-based imagery. Pantonio worked on his his mural for four days. This is already the third large-scale work of

Work in Progress by Shuck2 in Ajman, UAE

French artist Shuck2 is currently in the United Arab Emirates where he spent the last few days working on a large mural in downtown Ajman. Recognized as an emblematic figure of French graffiti, Shuck2 is registered as a trademark. His work, mainly composed of letters, demonstrates a search for balance, movement, perspective and depth. The artist is

Mural 2017: Work in progress by Dodo Ose in Montreal

Today we are happy to finally share a work in progress from someone who we haven’t featured on Streetartnews before – Doryan Ose aka Dodo Ose. He is currently participating in the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival. If you are a follower on artists Instagram, you will know that this he has ability to create great

Mural 2017: Work in progress by Onur in Montreal

It hasn’t been long since we last heard from our friend Onur who was in New Zealand where he created this stunning piece of work which is entitled “Last Island”. Today we are glad to share a work in progress from the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival where he has been invited to participate… So far the outline

Alexis Diaz in Valencia, Spain

Alexis Diaz recently spent some time in Spain where he was invited to paint a brand new street piece somewhere on the streets of Valencia. After several days of hard work, the Puerto Rican artist once again unveiled an ultra-detailed artwork which is showing some of his signature imagery. The piece was created using tiny

Mural 2017: Work in progress by INSA in Montreal

London based artist by the name of INSA is currently in Montreal for the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival where he is completing an amazing piece which begins from a flower bud together with one side of the world that starts with a can of spray paint, and it looks like INSA is showing where the world