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Artscape 2022 in Kiruna, Sweden

September 21, 2022
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Far up in the north of Sweden, Kiruna, a mining town inside the Arctic Circle, is relocating its entire central district due to expanding mining operations. As the locals prepare to say goodbye to an area that’s been downtown for more than a 100 years, Artscape is preparing a mural project based on the people of Kiruna’s collective memory.

Through interviews, hundreds of stories and anecdotes have been gathered. A selection will feature in a book of memories, and from those pages the chosen artists will find their inspiration for six new large-scale murals that will adorn Kiruna from August and onwards.

The participating street artists are internationally renowned and chosen specifically to work with the sensitive nature of the project – Kiruna is experiencing a very dramatic transformation. But within the retrospective grows a new beginning and ARTSCAPE 2022 KIRUNA is all about looking lovingly in both directions.

Take a look below for more photos of Artscape 2022. Muralists: Vickan (SWE), Isakov (DEU/UKR), Roberto Ciredz (ITA), Gleo (COL), Kruella d’Enfer (PRT), and Andreas Welin (DK).

Photo credits: Jon-Högman

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