‘Subway Art Breakthrough’ by Lek & Sowat
July 25, 2020
1 min read
French graffiti artists Lek & Sowat have unveiled the second phase of their artistic intervention called ‘ Subway Art Breakthrough’ on the tunnel boring machine ‘Koumba’, building an extension to the underground tube line 14 in Paris. (more…)
Sowat & Lek paint a massive ‘Evry Day I’m Hustlin’ mural in Evry, France
July 1, 2015
1 min read
DMV crew members Sowat & Lek recently teamed up to paint their largest mural to date in Evry, France. Measuring impressive 150 feet long x 27 feet high the mural was done in collaboration with the local street art festival.This unusual, abstract mural is consisting of Lek’s & Sowat’s signature elements such as lines, geometric colorful…
Sowat and Lek unveil a new piece in Saint-Etienne, France
June 8, 2015
1 min read
Sowat and Lek are currently in Saint-Etienne in France where they just finished working on a new piece for “Le Mur Saint Etienne”. The duo was invited by Ella & Pitr.The idea behind the work was to produce was to create a modern and abstract war banner. To do that, working in the studio lent…
Lek x Sowat “Paper Trail” Limited Edition Hand Embellished Lithograph Print
June 3, 2015
1 min read
Our friends Lek and Sowat just released a new edition entitled “Paper Trail” via the good lads from Sold Art Gallery.The producer chose to publish a lithography hand-embellished by Lek and Sowat, both artists stayed three days in the studio of URDLA in Villeurbanne, France in order to create this print with a traditional printing-system…
Lek & Sowat – Mode2 – Futura 2000 “Underground Doesn’t Exist Anymore” @ Paris’ Palais de Tokyo
June 30, 2014
2 min read
Lek, Sowat, Mode2 and the legend Futura 2000 recently teamed up in Paris, France to work on a series of new pieces inside the Palais de Tokyo.Organised by Hugo Vitriani, the all-star team went deep under the Palais de Tokyo to work on these beautiful pieces. To mark the ending of their two years residency…
DMV “The Wall” @ BC Gallery
May 2, 2014
1 min read
Most of members of the infamous French art collective/graffiti crew DMV (Da Mental Vaporz), recently finished their Berlin residence with a successful opening of their group show @ BC Gallery. During their stay in German capital, Blo, Bom.K, Brusk, Gris1, Jaw, Kan, Lek and Sowat created one giant mural, another smaller one, as well as built…
Sowat x Lek x Philippe Baudelocque New Collaboration – Paris, France
January 14, 2014
1 min read
Sowat, Lek and Philippe Baudelocque just finished working on this massive new collaboration on the streets of Paris, France.The French trio delivered a beautiful abstract piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and technique.See more of this collaboration with additional images below, and if you are in the area, you’ll be able to find…