New Works by Ludo in Australia

After creating an installation at the Art and Science Museum in Singapore, Ludo continued his travels around Oceania and finally visited Australia. During his stay he found couple nice locations that were resonating nicely with his visual language and the message behind his work. Such isolated and distant place, a Western culture country in Indian

“I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.” by Ludo in Paris

Ludo is back on the streets of Paris where he has just finished a new piece called “I don’t do drugs. I am drugs”. Once more, French artist has taken inspiration from nature and animals to create a new hybrid-mutant mural, this is another great piece of work by Ludo. Take a look below for a few

Ludo’s Underground Installation in Turin

Right after his recent big showing in Shanghai, Ludo went back to Turin in Italy to document two installations he worked on back in July 2017. Located in the tunnels 1km under the ground level this was the first time the works have been revealed to the public. The pieces are located in a controversial

Ludo unveils a series of pieces on the streets of Paris

The last couple of weeks, Ludo has delivered a couple of sweet pieces and a great solo exhibition which took place in New York City. Moving on, Ludo is back in Paris, France where he took over the streets of his hometown with a series of brand new artworks. Using oversized pasters and green paint,

Coverage: Ludo’s Solo Show “Duality” @ NYC’s Castor Gallery

French street artist Ludovic Vernhet “Ludo” is back in NYC with a solo show at Castor Gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan featuring all new works.  Ludo filled the upstairs of the gallery with large and small canvases displaying his trademark green and white motifs displaying mash-ups of nature and weapons.  The viewer was

“Self-Portrait”, a new street piece by Ludo in Paris, France

Ludo is back in France where he just finished working on a brand new street piece somewhere in the district of Belleville in Paris.Entitled “Self-Portrait”, the French artist created this image showing a selfie-stick combined with a green flower-gun. As usual with Ludo, his imagery features hybrid creations mixing nature with weapons.Continue reading for an

Ludo creates two brand new pieces in New York City, USA

While you discovered his first batch of pieces a few days ago, Ludo is still in New York City where he had the opportunity to create more works, this time they spawned in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  As usual with the popular French street artist, his trademark monochromatic paste-ups with dripping green highlights often merge technology with plants

Ludo creates new works on the streets of New-York City

Ludo recently created some new works in New York on top of working on some original artworks and a brand new hand finished print edition with NYC Editions.First he painted one of his mechanical insect piece on a shutter of the Castor gallery where the prints will be released, and yesterday he worked on this