Kobra creates “The Bedouin”, its latest piece in Dubai, UAE

UAE is booming with public art and Edoardo Kobra is the latest artist to bring his artwork to the streets of Dubai.Entitled The Bedouin”, the Brazilian street artist painted this 26 meters high by 11 meters wide building which is now featuring one of signature kaleidoscopic portraits. The Bedouin are an Arab ethnocultural group, descended from

Ruben Sanchez & Txemy collaborate on “Astral Travel”, a new piece in Al Quoz, Dubai

Ruben Sanchez recently teamed up with Txemy where they took over the city of Al Quoz by storm with a brand new mural entitled “Astral Travel”.The newly formed duo dropped this brilliant piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. “Astral Travel” is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the

Ben Eine unveils a brand new piece in Abu Dhabi

Ahead of his debut solo in the Gulf region, British artist Ben Eine has just completed a 40-metre  outdoor mural  on the walls  of  the  British  Embassy  in  Abu  Dhabi. Working alongside students from Zayed University , the 40-meters Embassy mural reads: “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”; a comment on the juxtaposition

Klone creates his Sleeping Beauty in Haifa, Israel

Our friend Klone Yourself just sent us a selection of sweet images from his newest offering to the streets of Haifa in Israel.The Israeli-artist painted this self-organized mural which is showing a sleeping girl surrounded by reed trees and accompanied by a cat-like character. Its a sleeping beauty for the sleepy Haifa, a city with

Jonathan Darby New Murals – Za’atari, Jordan

Jonathan Darby is currently in Za’atari, Jordan where he just finished working on “Peace Born Within” and “Compassion” for the excellent AptART project.The current situation in Syria and its effects on North Jordan have created tension and conflict that are difficult to escape. In an effort to help children achieve peace in their community, AptART

Herakut New Street Pieces – Za’atari, Jordan (Part II)

German Street Art duo Herakut are still in Za’atari, Jordan where they spent the last few days working on a new series of signature street pieces.The three-month project, which runs until end of March 2014, builds on earlier work with Syrian youth, refugees and internally displaced persons in the region. This amazing and inspiring project

Ruben Sanchez “Mi Casa Es Tu Casa” New Mural – Za’atari, Jordan

Ruben Sanchez is currently in Jordan where he just finished working on this new piece in Za’atari, the world’s second-largest refugee camp.For nearly three bloody years, the civil war in Syria has caused violence on a horrific scale. Roughly 120,000 were killed before the U.N. stopped counting, nearly 5 million have been internally displaced, and since

Women & Street Art in the Middle East

“Women & Street Art in the Middle East” is an article by StreetArtNews contributing writer Shahad Bishara, Shahad is currently based in the Middle East and regularly reports on Street Art in the region. Despite the street art industry being particularly male dominated across the world, there are also many great women artists in the field such