Studio Visit: Sandra Chevrier

A few days ago, we stopped by Sandra Chevrier‘s studio in Montreal, Canada to catch up with her before her latest group exhibition “Trifecta” curated by Yasha Young at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York City.Sandra Chevrier merges painting and collage in works that reflect upon the self-imposed limitations within our world and the underlying

Ron English Interview & Studio Visit

The phrase “living legend” is used pretty liberally these days in the art world.  But there is no debate as to the legendary status of the one and only Ron English.  Ron’s work has already reached the level of iconic over a decade ago, and has been a major influence on every single street artist

Studio Visit: Joseph Loughborough

Today in Paris, SAN paid a visit to British Artist Joseph Loughborough in his new studio to bring you a few snaps of a master at work. The Studio itself where we got a glimpse of his inspiration is filled with charcoals, pictures, cans, loads of paint and is shared with a few other creative

Butterfly – D*Face Studio Visit

Butterfly caught up with D*Face before he left for Los Angeles where he’ll be opening his highly anticipated solo show “Going Nowhere Fast” @ Corey Helford Gallery this Saturday 9th April 2011! Click HERE to view the full set.

Studio Visit: Chanoir

Today, San paid a visit to Chanoir in his Paris’ Studio. Chanoir has been making graf-ically inspired art featuring his famous cats for years. Chanoir was in Barcelona during the city’s graff golden era back in 2000 where he founded the “1980” Crew and started graffing with PEZ or Miss Van amongst others. The Studio