Vhils’ Orangutan in Indonesia for Splash and Burn

Vhils recently spent some time in Indonesia where he was invited by the Splash and Burn project which highlights critical ecological issues in South-East asia. The world is not taking the time to consider how to move forward, there is no effort to reflect on the real impact of decisions. For this project what I

“Balance” by SheepChen in Sweden

Chinese artist SheepChen just dropped us some images from his latest mural entitled “Balance” which was freshly finished just a few hours ago. Painting on the streets of halmstad in Sweden, SheepChen brought to life another of his surreal and colorful piece of work. The piece was created for the West Coast Walls Street Art

Cris Rodrigues in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Brazilian artist Cris Rodrigues just sent us some images from his latest piece which was recently completed somewhere on the streets of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. Cris created this fantastic looking artwork showing a colorful street scene. Inspired by his local culture and environment, the Brazilian artist brought to life a mural that will surely

Luca Ledda in Bosnia and Herzegovina X Street Arts Festival Mostar

Turin based illustrator Luca Ledda has recently stopped in Bosnia and Herzegovina to take part to the seventh edition of Street Arts Festival Mostar. The festival was launched in 2012 and for seven years now, it has created a recognizable multicultural platform for street art. The initiative is focused on promoting Urban art and Street

“Open To The Public” Alex Chinneck unzips a building in the UK

“Open To The Public” is Alex Chinneck latest surreal installation which just opened its door in Kent, United Kingdom. His newest work shows a giant zip opening the walls of a 1960’s building. The new installation pays homage to the building’s history of leather and textile factory. The piece took two months to be completed.

Jason Tetlak uses Beastie Boys as inspiration for world’s largest 3D painting

On July 24th, artist Jason Tetlak was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as having created the largest hand-painted 3D mural in the world. Tetlak’s mural resides in the Jacksonville neighborhood known as Brooklyn and features images of the internationally recognized music group the Beastie Boys. “The location was a big part of the inspiration

“Phone Culture” group exhibition @ San Francisco’s Park Life curated by Yarrow Slaps

Phone Culture was thought up by artist/curator Yarrow Slaps, who is 27years old and San Francisco native. While visiting New York last summer, he was out of his element in a big city and found himself often people watching. Listening to passing conversations while walking down the lower east side/bedstuy streets, he began thinking the

Tankpetrol in Bratislava, Slovakia

Polish Street Artist Tankpetrol recently finished working on a new mural for the latest edition of the Bratislava Street Art Festival in Slovakia. The artist uses both, free hand and stencils as his his medium, which he usuallyentangles with carefully placed background details. His works are highly detailed and central figures in his work are