Farid Rueda newest mural in Uruapan, Mexico

  While we last heard from him in lovely Colombia a few days ago, Farid Rueda is back in Mexico where he just finished working on a brand new artwork somewhere on the streets of Uruapan. Entitled “Life Is Not A Trophy”, the Mexican street artist once again created one of his highly vibrant and ultra detailed creatures which

Preview: “CREVE HIVERNALE” Exhibition in Toulouse

On 4 -5- 6 December in Toulouse will open an exhibition called ‘CREVE HIVERNALE / COPS31 / MARKER V’. Located in the ‘Frigo’, 378, route de Launaguet, the show explores notions of homelessness and the migrant crisis that has been affecting Europe. The exhibition features a series of live performances, murals, photos, testimonies, dialogue between habitants,

Fran Bosoletti unveils a new mural in Armstrong, Argentina

Our friend Fran Bosoletti is currently in Argentina where he just finished working on a brand new piece on the streets of Armstrong, a city in the southwest of the province of Santa Fe. Poetic and eclectic, his works show pictorial elements in which the figure of human body and reflective floral component forcefully emerge and

“Our Gentle Hearts”, a new mural by Freddy Sam in Cape Town, South Africa

Our friend Freddy Sam just sent us a series of images from his newest mural “Our Gentle Hearts” which was just completed on the streets of Cape Town in South Africa. The message not only speaks to the students who are denied education but also those in power all over the world who are ignorant

Coverage – Joe Iurato’s solo show “Outside Looking In” at CUSP Gallery, NYC

Joe Iurato is best known for his specific placement of painted wood cut-outs based on his children’s escapades.  These whimsical pieces of wood have been spotted all over NYC and NJ during the past couple years.  Further, Iurato has seamlessly transferred these images from wood-cuts to street murals for organizations such as the Bushwick Collective. 

Coverage – “Brooklyn is the Future” group show feat. Rubin 415, Vexta, Lexi Bella, Danielle Mastrion, Marc Evan, Chris Soria, & Many More – Bushwick Brooklyn

Bushwick Brooklyn was the place to be this past Friday as a giant group show entitled “Brooklyn is the Future” opened to a packed house.  The show featured artists such as Rubin 415, Vexta, Lexi Bella, Danielle Mastrion, Marc Evan, Chris Soria, Appleton, Ben Angotti, BK Foxx, Cern, Col Walnuts, Cosmic Slop, Damien Mitchell, Eelco,

Sainer unveils “Crossroads”, a massive new mural in Lisbon

Sainer, one half of the infamous Etam Cru, recently hopped to Lisbon for another project with Underdogs collective. After releasing a limited edition lithograph with them earlier this year, this time he worked on a massive mural titled “Crossroads”.Working 10 days straight on a large facade of a 10 story building, Polish artist created an

JAZ unveils a new mural in Campana, Argentina

Franco Fasoli aka JAZ is back in his birth-place of Campana in Argentina where he was asked by the local council to create a piece at the entrance of the city.Talking about the myth of “Buenos Aires”, the Argentinean artist once again blended unconventional materials such as asphaltic paint and petrol to paint this artwork. Jaz