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“LA JOTA” Urban Postcards G085 by Giulio Vesprini in Zaragoza, Spain

December 5, 2023
2 min read
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Renowned street artist Giulio Vesprini has recently unveiled a captivating mural as part of the Asalto Festival in Zaragoza. Nestled in the enchanting “La Jota” neighborhood, this masterpiece finds its canvas amidst a place rich in history and architectural charm. La Jota, with its roots dating back to an ambitious 1947 housing project, was envisioned as a garden city, where modest-sized homes would be complemented by communal gardens or orchards.

The visionary project aimed to provide affordable housing for local workers, with meticulous planning by architects José Beltrán and Fausto García Marco. The neighborhood’s name pays homage to the construction company, “Obras y Construcciones Damán,” situated on Avenida Castaluña.

Giulio Vesprini’s contribution to this historic locale transcends traditional boundaries, adding a contemporary layer to La Jota’s narrative. Through vibrant strokes and imaginative design, the mural not only revitalizes the neighborhood’s aesthetic but also serves as a tribute to the visionary spirit of its post-war architects. As spectators traverse the streets of La Jota, they are greeted by a visual feast that seamlessly intertwines the old and the new, a testament to the enduring impact of art on community and urban landscapes. The Asalto Festival has once again become a platform for artistic expression, bringing together history, architecture, and modern creativity in the heart of Zaragoza.

Photo credit: Marcos Cebrian

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