“Behind The Curtain” by Martin Whatson in Miami

Art Basel 2015 is currently underway in Miami, Florida and we are starting to receive images from the completed murals. Our buddy Martin Whatson was in town for the Smashed Canvas event where he painted this rad new  piece entitled “Behind The Curtain”. As usual with the popular Norwegian artist, this optical illusion artwork features a

Alex Senna creates a large mural in Gyeonggi, South Korea

It’s fairly rare to see such large pieces popping up in South Korea and Asia in general but Alex Senna was given the chance to beautify the streets of Gyeonggi with his art. The project entitled “Born Again” was supported by GMOMA Korea (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art). The Brazilian artist creates vivid expressions of human love, romance

The 10 most popular Street Art pieces of November 2015

November was a prolific month for street art with several impressive pieces appearing all around the world. We’ve compiled the most read articles on StreetArtNews to create this month’s top 10. Ranking first for November is Sean Yoro aka The Hula whom once again created his piece using an unconventional white canvas surrounded by water, peaceful and poetic! Seth

Dain is back with “Flower Neck”, a limited edition screen-print release

Elusive Brooklyn based street artist Dain is back with a brand new hand finished and affordable print entitled “Flower Neck”.  Each one of this edition of 75 is distinctly unique.  The image is a one color screen print that has been basically completely transformed with his trademark style of bright spray painted colors and dripping

“Juvenile Souvenirs” by Evoca1 in Gainesville, Florida

Our buddy Evoca1 was also in Gainesville for the recent 352 Walls Street Art Festival which took place just a few days ago in sunny Florida. After a few days of work, Evoca wrapped up this large-scale piece which is entitled “Juvenile Souvenirs”. Painted using Acrylic paint and brushes, it took approximately a week for

Deih “You Are Here” Limited Edition Hand-Painted Screen Print

By now you’re probably aware of the distinctly work of Deih. He hails from Valencia where he is something of a legend, apart from murals he is big time player in the comic and animation world and makes some very amazing work. He keeps his instagram regularly updated (here) so don’t just take our word for it. We persuaded him to

¨Publico/ Privada¨ by Hyuro in Fortaleza, Brazil

Hyuro just returned from Brazil where she was invited by the Street Art Festival Concreto to bring to life some of her work on the streets of Fortaleza. Inspired by the abortion theme, she created yet another fantastic artwork. Abortion is completely forbiden in five countries in the world, four of them are in Latin

SeaCreative paints in an abandoned factory in Varese, Italy

As an avid Urban explorer, SeaCreative recently stumbled upon some amazingly textured blank walls somewhere inside a creepy abandoned factory located in an undisclosed location around the city of Varese in Italy. Geared with acrylic paint, brushes, rollers and spray paint, the Italian street artist created this simple yet awesome piece showing four vibrant eyes and