POW! WOW! Hawaii: Bicicleta Sem Freio in Honolulu with JUSTKIDS

The streets of Honolulu just experienced a tropical invasion with our good friends from Brazil Bicicleta Sem Freio. In town with JUSTKIDS for the 2016 POW! WOW! Hawaii street art festival, the duo created this super intricate and vibrant mind-boggling piece. Bicicleta Sem Freio is formed by Douglas de Castro and Renato Perreira. The two are recognized worldwide for their

Axel Void in Aalborg, Denmark

Axel Void is currently in Denmark where he was invited by the good lads from the WEAART Festival to create a new piece on the streets of Aalborg. Axel Void has been in contact with graffiti writing since 1999. He studied Fine Arts in Cádiz, Granada, and Sevilla, and based himself in Berlin until moving

POW! WOW! Hawaii: Alex “Defer” Kizu in Honolulu

Alex “Defer” Kizu is one of the premier OG West Coast graffiti writers that has been pushing for years his unique style in both the streets and galleries. Whenever you stumble across his pieces, you will immediately be thinking “Los Angeles.” His current work is flipped with a Japanese flavor, to celebrate his heritage, and it speaks

POW! WOW! Hawaii: 1010 in Honolulu

We continue our ongoing coverage of Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2016 with 1010 and his latest piece which just appeared on the streets of Honolulu. Painting one of the event’s largest wall, the German globe trotting artist also known as the master of illusions spent about four days up high on his cherry picker to create this

“Sexypolis” by Mygalo in Paris, France (NSFW)

Our friend Mygalo just sent us a series of sweet images from his newest street porn pieces that just appeared somewhere around the streets of Paris in France. Entitled “Sexypolis”, the French artist brought to life some unique work that definitely shows us another side of the usual pieces we are accustomed to. Painted mainly

Fintan Magee in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Our friend Fintan Magee is currently in the Caribbean where he was invited by the good lads from Santurce Es Ley to create a new piece. Painting on the streets of San Juan in Puerto Rico, the Australian artist quickly worked his way through this signature piece showing one of his characters carrying a block

St+Art India: Borondo in Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

While you discovered his gigantic container piece a few days ago, Borondo also worked on a large mural located in the district of Lodhi Colony in New Delhi. In town for the excellent St+Art India Festival, the Spanish street artist brought to life this breath-taking architectural piece which according to the artist represents the origins

POW! WOW!: “Aloha Dreamland” by Tristan Eaton in Honolulu

We continue our ongoing coverage of POW! WOW! Hawaii 2016 with Tristan Eaton which just finished working on his artwork in Honolulu. Entitled “Aloha Dreamland”, the new painting feature Eaton’s characteristic patchwork style with this subject matter quite local this time around. The piece is inspired the the romantic effect Hawaii has on people. It’s a vortex