Coverage: Rick Powell “Changing Directions” in New York City

The one and only Ricky Powell, AKA The Rickster, AKA The Funky Uncle, AKA Uncle Sloppy, AKA Plorp Master Funk, AKA The Dirty Doorman, AKA The Kool Substitute Teacher is back with another installment of his collaborative art shows.  This time featuring some of NYC’s premier street artists including Adam Dare, Amar Stewart, Chad Gordon,

Artist Interview: Isaac Cordal

With the simple act of miniaturization and thoughtful placement, Isaac Cordal magically expands the imagination of pedestrians finding his sculptures on the streets. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. We reached Isaac for a chat about his latest residency in

“Basket Court” by Alberonero in Rome

Constantly traveling around the world to create new works, Alberonero is back in Italy where he teamed up with Studio Volante to create this new street piece. The Italian artist decided to remix a class basket-ball court using some of his colorful abstract imagery. Alberonero was inspired by a previous project in Paris with Pigalle.

Telmo Miel in Christchurch, New Zealand

“Dive like Hector” is the latest piece by the good lads from Telmo Miel which was painted in Christchurch, New Zealand on top of the YMCA building. In town for the latest edition of the Spectrum Street Art Festival, the Dutch duo brought to life some of their hyper-realistic imagery for the locals to enjoy.

a new series of pieces by Ludo in Paris

Our friend Ludo is back in Paris where he kicked off his year with a brand new series of pieces featuring some of his signature imagery. “In this series, I wanted to work and show the fact that even iconic brands today will varnish and give their place to new natural plant species in the

The 25 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of 2015

1. Banksy – Palestine   We kick off this new year with a retrospective featuring the most popular street art pieces from 2015. As usual this ranking is generated solely by our users and the pages you visited. With little to no surprise, Banksy once again takes the crown with a very powerful piece that was painted

“Creole” by Seth GlobePainter in Le Port, Reunion Island

Seth Globepainter is currently traveling through the lovely Reunion Island where he just finished working on this massive mural which is entitled “Creole”. Painting on the streets of Le Port, the French street artist created this beautiful piece showing a patchwork of bodies and fabrics forming one giant portrait. The Reunion island is located in

Seb Velasco, Evoca1 & AxelVoid collaborate in Nagua, Dominican Republic

Seb Velasco, Evoca1 & Axel Void recently spent some time in Dominican Republic where they managed to work on this collaboration somewhere on the streets of Nagua. This mural depicts one of the many street dogs in Nagua. It speaks to what quality of life means and a reflection of what time is, and what