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Henrik Haven “Art Through a Lens”

April 1, 2016
4 min read
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Shepard Fairey - Copenhagen, Denmark 2011

I’ve been an art photographer for six years now, but started out in the music business – living the high life. After 15 years in this sometimes materialistic and shallow world of release-parties and concerts I found that I lost myself… Contemporary art and art in public spaces was already a lifelong passion of mine and I spend most of my savings seeking new projects to photograph.

ROA_Galore Festival_Copenhagen Denmark 2011_©HenrikHaven

In the summer of 2011, Shepard Fairey and ROA came to Copenhagen. I followed their every move through the lens and suddenly found myself an active part of a fascinating process – as a documentarist. This was epiphany for me and changed my relation to art completely, from being a personal passion, to a way of life. In 2013 I found the courage to take the plunge and leave behind the music business and a secure income.

Since then my work has taken me around the world – from Nuart in Norway and NoLimit Boras in Sweden to Urban Nation Berlin and several events in Penang, Malaysia. This year alone I have upcoming jobs at The crystal Ship Festival in Belgium, with Karl Addison in Denver, a street art festival at Bali, a project with Ernest Zacharevic at Sumatra and Instagrafite in Saõ Paolo ect.— places I have never been before.

DALeast_NoLimitBoras_Sweden 2015_©HenrikHaven


First off I didn’t really have any network, but in 2010 I submitted photos from a group exhibition in Copenhagen to Arrested Motion. They took a chance and their faith in me opened a lot of doors. My work was given a platform and I was suddenly contacted by blogs and social medias. Over the past few years more medias have been added (including StreetArtNews) and I’m honored to shoot for some of the leading medias within the contemporary urban art.

Conor Harrington_OutdoorSurface_Copenhagen_Denmark 2015_©HenrikHaven

Sainer (Etam Cru)_Lisbon_Portugal 2015_©HenrikHaven

There’s great diversity in what I do – from documenting studio visits to exhibitions and public art. Through careful networking and constant curiosity I always focus on gaining new experiences. With for example the ‘Cut it out’ exhibition in Berlin and Public Art Horsens (DK) I have been able to add curating to my resume.


Ernest Zacharevic_Studiovisit_Lisbon_Portugal 2015_©HenrikHaven

I think my niche is capturing work in progress, following the different layers of a piece coming to life – and through the years I have developed an eye for process-photography.
Some of my favorite moments – and shots – are from being up the boom lift; capturing every movement, every stroke with the paintbrush and finding that specific detail that makes the perfect picture… And I hope my new website is a testament of this! For six months I’ve been hiding behind my laptop and are so proud to finally be able to present all the amazing artists I have worked with for the past six years… I’m privileged to count most of them frequent collaborators and very good friends.

Every day, going through my extensive portfolio, I have been blown away by how lucky I am to live the dream and work in such an inspiring, global culture.

Nychos_UrbanNation_Berlin_Germany_2014_©HenrikHaven KenjiChai_UrbanXchange_Penang_Malaysia_2014_©HenrikHaven Dulk_NoLimitBoras_Sweden 2015_©HenrikHaven Curiot_UrbanNation_Berlin_Germany_2014_©HenrikHaven Saner_Madrid_Spain2015_©HenrikHaven

Editor’s note: Make sure to visit Henrik’s new website @ www.henrikhaven.com

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