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Richmond Mural Project, 5 Years, 100 Murals

September 6, 2016
2 min read
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Art Whino returned to Richmond, VA for the Fifth installment of the Richmond Mural Project.

This year marks we celebrate reaching our short term goal of 100 Murals. The short term goal was established to reach critical mass of murals in which visitor to Richmond to see the murals would not only take a weekend trip but several trips with the vast of murals spanning from the Fan to the VMFA.

With 86 murals since the inception of the project, the roster of artists who have participated are some of the highest regarded muralists in the world.

This year Art Whino returned bringing another 10 muralists for another round of murals and as in every year it brought a diverse mix of artistic styles to show a cross section of what is forefront of the mural world.

After fifth year and as we accomplished our short term goal we will continue with the project in subsequent years with the new focus now be the indefinite long term goal of having a collection of murals from muralist worldwide in one city.

This collection of murals has established Richmond as a landmark destination for worldwide recognized murals and creates exposure for the city, establishing it as a premier art destination for murals.

By concentrating a large number of murals throughout the city the project will increase tourism and will bring the much needed “Feet on the Street” which will help local business thrive.

Make sure to take a look on our website for images on all 100 murals created in the last five years.

etam-cru_1011-w-grace-st DFace-108-N-7th-Street aryz-1506-west-main-street-mural James_Bullough-620-N-Lombardy-St Jason_Woodside_646-N-7th-StJerkface-301-S-Pine-Street

6897392592_40443c1e80_o Stormie Final kitchen 64 marc schmidt Sev-579 Sev-424 Sev-62 IMG_6845 IMG_7082 IMG_7099 IMG_6583 IMG_4897 IMG_4609 (R. Anthony Harris's conflicted copy 2014-07-17) IMG_4598 IMG_3012 IMG_3067 IMG_4284 IMG_2646 IMG_2551 IMG_2300 IMG_2266 Gaia Sidewalk-12 blur copy IMG_1945 IMG_2176 Gaia Sidewalk-6 copy Ekundayo Final- David Flores (1) 7101912421_bce09b7f2d_o 6898700220_d1948fa221_o 6902943288_fd621b2038_o 7044794569_2f8562b568_o 6889066262_80c1c2dd54_o 6876061378_63115a3339_o 6876061138_51db5f59b6_o 2015-07-25 18.34.58 2015-07-25 15.09.07-1 2015-07-20 23.28.42 2015-07-17 04.28.52 2015-05-30 14.22.27 2015-07-11 17.49.10-1

Pictures by Marc Schmidt, Jordan Ahearn, Ben White, Martha Cooper, Marc Cheatham, Tost Films

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