Artist interview: Apolo Torres
November 29, 2016
13 min read
Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Apolo Torres is a contemporary artist, whose work ranges from painting and murals to posters and magazine illustrations. A graduate in Industrial Design from Mackenzie University in São Paulo, he also studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Since he was just a little child, he always felt a strong…
Mr Jago ‘The Wraith’ Limited Edition Print Available September 1st
August 24, 2016
1 min read
Acclaimed British artist Duncan Jago, also known as Mr Jago will be releasing next week a new print in collaboration with Goldmark Atelier, a fine art print studio based in Uppingham, UK that has been producing limited edition prints with some of the world’s leading artists for some time now . Measuring 102 x 74 cm,…
Herakut ‘Masters Of Wrong’ at Corey Helford Gallery
March 24, 2016
3 min read
‘Do It! (Bad Decisions Are Contagious)’ Spraypaint + acrylic paint + charcoal on canvas HERAKUT’s new solo show “Masters of Wrong” opens this Saturday at the Corey Helford Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Featuring over 20 paintings, the exhibit includes some installations that incorporate works created onsite. The duo, consisting of HERA (Jasmin Siddiqui) and AKUT (Falk Lehman),…
OAKOAK creates new works in Chicago, USA
October 2, 2015
1 min read
French artist OAKOAK is in Chicago for his debut US solo show “Let’s Play”, which runs October 3rd-31st at Vertical Gallery. OAKOAK transforms mundane objects using cleverly placed, humorous drawings. He has an eye for details that most ignore, and creates innovative scenes with his street art interventions. Here’s some of what he’s been up…
Coverage: David Walker’s London Solo Show “A Blank Canvas is a White Flag”
November 21, 2014
2 min read
David Walker has populated cities across the world with his strikingly surreal portraits on the sides of buildings. Now Berlin-based, the artist is back to London for his first gallery show in three years at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery, ‘A Blank Canvas is a White Flag’. The artist has produced a variety of processes and…
Pixel Pancho “The Garden Of Eden” Solo Show, September 14th, Turin, Italy
September 8, 2013
1 min read
Living recluded in his studio for the past two months, Pixel Pancho is almost ready to get out for the opening of his new solo show “The Garden Of Eden” next week at Galo Art Gallery in Turin, Italy.  Working on a diverse array of mediums and technique, the Italian Street Artist has been hard…
A Look At Saatchi Online
August 13, 2013
2 min read
We’ve recently been browsing Saatchi online for a simple way to buy art online – a useful resource discovering new artists and buying art online. Whilst the site doesn’t currently host any pieces from street artists, it’s certainly worth checking out for some of the quirky paintings they have on offer. Here are a few…
ABSOLUT Art Collection
November 17, 2010
1 min read
ABSOLUT Art Collection The ABSOLUT Art Collection today compromise more than 800 works in a wide range of media from Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf, Helmut Newton, Damien Hirst, Louise Bourgeois, Annie Liebovitz, David Shrigley, Douglas Gordon, Sylvie Fleury, Dan Wolgers, Linn Fernström and hundreds of other artists, designers and photographers.
“Art In The Streets” Book
November 11, 2010
1 min read
Art In The Streets Rizzoli Book Written by Jeffrey Deitch, Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose, “Art In The Streets” is the latest book to come out of the famed Rizzoli publishing house. Set to release alongside an exhibition with the same title, the book surveys the global history of graffiti and associated street arts. Focusing…