Escif “Entropy” New Mural In Melilla, Spain / Morocco

Street Art reviver Escif recently completed another new mural in Melilla, an autonomous city of Spain and an exclave on the north coast of Morocco.Titled “Entropy”, this new piece is an interesting comment on “Social Entropy”, which refers to the decomposition of social structure or of the disappearance of social distinctions.Social Entropy implies the tendency of

Blu New Mural In Melilla, Spain

Just like his friend Escif (covered), Blu is also in Melilla,  a small autonomous city of Spain and an exclave on the north coast of Morocco, Melilla is politically part of Europe, but belong geographically to Africa.The Italian muralist found this “ugly” wall close to the Melilla / Morocco border where everyday thousands of people are

Escif “Dematerialization” New Mural In Melila, Spain

Street Art genius Escif is in Spain / Morocco, he recently arrived in Melila, a small autonomous city of Spain and an exclave on the north coast of Morocco.There is considerable pressure by African refugees to enter Melilla, a part of the European Union. The border is secured by the Melilla border fence, a six-metre-tall double fence

eL Seed New Mural In Kairouan, Tunisia

eL Seed was recently in Tunisia for a mural project, he stopped by Kairouan where he asked people to give him one word describing the city.Most of them said  تاريخ which translates to “History”. Pic by jp Desjardins

eL Seed New Mural In Tunis, Tunisia

eL Seed is a young artist with Tunisian origins. He was born in France, moved to New York in 2006, and then settled in Montreal.He perceives Arabic Calligraphy as a tangible expression of his search for identity, his art is a mixture of street art and Arabic Calligraphy. It is the product of a double

C215 New Street Pieces In Marrakech, Morocco

a few days ago, C215 stopped by Morocco to visit the beautiful city of Marrakech.he had time to drop a batch of new stencils in the city and as usual with the French artist it’s a superb series of portraits. Pics by C215

Roa In Gambia

Last June, Belgian artist ROA was in Africa for the Wide Open Walls project in Gambia and this is the result…He painted large-scale detailed drawings of African animals, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe….Pictures are better than words so enjoy the ride. Pictures by wow