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“Magician of Maghreb” by Waone in Rabat, Morocco

May 12, 2017
2 min read
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Waone just sent us some images from this amazing piece of work that he just wrapped up on the streets of Rabat in Morocco for the Jidar Street Art Festival.

The Ukrainian artist painted a berber, sitting in most common “oriental pose”, in his classic bright indigo djellaba, and doing some magic ritual with music, maghrebi mint tea and dancing dervish (which represents a nomadic sufi, who brought Islam to that region). Witchcraft and shamanism are enormously developed in Morocco, as says internet. Unfortunately Waone didn’t seen any wizards in “the all Maghrebi Magician`s and Sorcerer`s capital” Marrakesh (He saw one in Rabat).  Although you can find all the ingredients for the magic rituals on every market.

Waone was impressed by the history and culture of indigenous white people of the Northern Africa. Unbelievable, according to different sources their history stretching back up to 11 thousands years.  They had preserved their culture essentially unchanged despite the conquests of Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs. When he saw their modern alphabet, it reminded him some cosmic hieroglyphs or prehistoric petroglyphs that he saw in the museum of Vatican.
The artist would like to thanks to Salah and all the team of JIDAR – Toiles de Rue for such a professionally organized process and a special thanks to his assistant Sara.

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