Faith47 New Pieces – Durban, South Africa (Part II)

While she started working on these pieces last July, Faith47 is back in Durban, South Africa where she just wrapped up her sixth piece for the 25th World Congress on Architecture, UIA2014 Durban. Faith was originally introduced to the area by Doung Jahangeer, a Durban artist architect and co-founder of dalacreative.Referring to Warwick triangle she

Remi Rough x Best Ever New Mural – Galloya, Gambia

The excellent Wide Open Walls project in Gambia just wrapped up another brilliant session with Remi Rough, Best Ever and Rimon Guimarães.Immersed in the life of the small village of Galloya, Remi Rough and Best Ever collaborated on this stunning piece featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery. Additionally, some other collabs and solo pieces were

RAE New Street Pieces – Hossana, Ethiopia

Brooklyn, NY street artist RAE is currently in Ethiopia working on a project to raise funds for the newly built Alemu Woldehanna Community Library in the town of Hossana.RAE is painting murals and outside, teaching local school kids how to make sculptures out of recycled materials as well as having a small exhibition inside the

Faith47 “Oh Diamond Sea Shore Drive Me From The Yard” New Mural – Cape Town, South Africa

After “You Hold No Blame For My Proud Heart” last week (covered), Faith47 is already back with this brand new piece which was just finished somewhere on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa.This beautiful “Oh Diamond Sea Shore Drive Me From The Yard”mural is ethereal as ever, with her soft painterly touch with hints of

Hopare New Mural – Casablanca, Morocco

Last seen last month in Paris (covered), Hopare is now in Morocco where he just wrapped up this new piece somewhere on the streets of Casablanca.As usual with the French street artist, he drops a beautiful combination of some representational imagery with a painterly graffiti style.Take a look at more images after the break and

Basik New Street Piece – Hammamet, Tunisia

Basik just sent us a series of new shots from his latest street piece somewhere on the beach of Hammamet, a small town in Tunisia.As usual with the Italian painter, his street art pieces are visually powerful and simple. His flat rendition of hand gestures and cryptic symbolism captures the imagination and holds it with

Basik New Mural – Tunisia

After the successful opening of his solo show in Milan, Basik flew to North Africa where he had to opportunity to work on some new “street” pieces.The Italian artist made this piece in the middle of the Tunisian desert, near the old troglodyte town of Matmata. Luckily, he found a rather nice abandoned building along

Freddy Sam “I Am Because We Are” New Madiba Tribute Mural – Johannesburg, South Africa

Freddy Sam was recently invited to paint a 40 Meter tall Nelson Mandela mural in the east city of Johannesburg commissioned by the Maboneng precinct as a gift to the city in memory of this giant of a man. The mural is inspired by Madiba’s definition of ‘Ubuntu’ which is: ‘You cannot be human all