“Aerial Roots” by Agostino Iacurci in the Azores

Our friend Agostino Iacurci just landed in the Archipelago of the Azores in Portugal where he painted for the always excellent Walk & Talk Festival. Entitled “Aerial Roots”, the Italian muralist unveiled another of his signature illustrative artworks with this piece which is depicting two ladies hidden in between plants, pots and roots. Agostino Iacurci paints using

“Immobile” by Agostino Iacurci in Ragusa, Italy

Our friend Agostino Iacurci just wrapped up a new piece for the FestiWall Street Art Festival 2016. Painting on the streets of Ragusa in Italy, the Italian illustrator and muralist worked his way through this large building to create a beautiful new piece which is showing some of his signature imagery. A series of vibrant vases

Preview: Agostino Iacurci “Long Story Short” @ Cologne’s Die Kunstagentin

Later today, our friend Agostino Iacurci will be opening a brand new solo exhibition at Die Kunstabentin gallery in Cologne, Germany. Behind the joyful appearance of the artworks presented in “Long Story Short”, hides a wise consciousness of what creativity really is: a means to reach beauty and knowledge, but which also has limits and risks. And

St+Art India: Agostino Iacurci in New Delhi

While you discovered some exclusive progress shots via our Instagram, Agostino Iacurci has just wrapped up a massive new piece on the streets of New Delhi. In town for the excellent St+Art India Festival, the Italian artist spent over a week working at the busy Guvind Puri Subway Station. After going through hundreds of liters

“Wallter”, a new mural by Agostino Iacurci in Atlanta, USA

ACC Global Series, Herman Miller Cares and the Italian artist Agostino Iacurci recently worked on a successful three-day workshop for children of Camp Best Friends summer program at the Center of Hope where he also created a brand new mural entitled “Wallter” in the Ben Hill neighborhood.Agostino created a 150 ft mural on Campbellton Road that was inspired

Agostino Iacurci creates a new mural in Girona, Spain

Our friend Agostino Iacurci is currently in Spain where he was invited by the good lads from the Milestone Street Art Project to exercise his craft on the side of a building.Painting on the busy streets of Girona, the Italian muralist created this signature artwork for the locals to enjoy. Agostino creates bright multi-layered images,

Agostino Iacurci unveils a brand new mural in Berlin, Germany

Agostino Iacurci made a quick stop by the city of Berlin in Germany where he had the opportunity to create a large artwork in the district of Moritzplatz.In town for the “We Are Creative in Puglia” event, the Italian artist brought to life some of his signature imagery for the locals to enjoy. Agostino creates bright

Agostino Iacurci paints a new mural in Niort, France

“Le 4eme Mur” curated by Eric Surmont and the city of Niort in France welcome a beautiful addition to their murals’ collection with Agostino Iacurci and its newest mural.The Italian artist spent a few days working on this piece showing five characters surrounded by some green and brown vegetation. This mural was created with his signature