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Later today, our friend Agostino Iacurci will be opening a brand new solo exhibition at Die Kunstabentin gallery in Cologne, Germany.

Behind the joyful appearance of the artworks presented in “Long Story Short”, hides a wise consciousness of what creativity really is: a means to reach beauty and knowledge, but which also has limits and risks. And Agostino Iacurci’s art is particularly fit to accomplish the task he gave himself: way before his new series dedicated to plants, he accustomed us to images playing with opposites, where the human element – like a chair or a musical instrument, if not humans themselves – is constantly associated with, or surrounded by natural ones: plants, flowers, trees, birds, clouds, and so on. The apparent tranquility pervading his symmetric, peaceful atmospheres, where motion is at once implied but arrested, looks more like the moment in which a perfect, delicate balance is about to be broken.

If you are in the area, Make sure to stop by the exhibition which will be opening at 7PM on Maastrichter Str. 26, 50672 Cologne.
wooden Plants studio_03 ©BlindEyeFactory_Agostino Iacurci_Roma_2016_HQ (2) ©BlindEyeFactory_Agostino Iacurci_Roma_2016 (9) ©BlindEyeFactory_Agostino Iacurci_Roma_2016 (5) ©BlindEyeFactory_Agostino Iacurci_Roma_2016 (3)Images by Blind Eye Factory.


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