“Baby With A Handgun” by BiP in San Francisco

Elusive artist BiP just sent over a series of images from his latest creation that just spawned on the streets of San Francisco. Entitled “Baby With A Handgun”, the ultra-realistic piece will surely surprise a few passer-by in the upcoming month. Rock on Baby! Hailing from California, BiP is an anonymous muralist specializing in large

BiP on Ice Cream Truck in Oakland

BiP — or “Believe in People” — recently stopped by Oakland in California where he spent a few hours working on a new artwork. Painting on an unusual canvas with this Ice Cream truck. the artist created some of his signature hyper-realistic imagery which will surely be enjoyed by the locals for months to come.

“Color Mutiny” by BiP in Edmonton, Canada

A few days ago, BiP was invited to paint for the Rust Magic Street Art Festival which was held in the city of Edmonton in Canada. After a few hours of work, BiP unveiled “Color Mutiny” a piece he created with the intent of using the smallest amount of paint to make the highest impact. the anonymous American artist painted

“Vintage” by Bip in Oakland, California

While we last heard from him in San Francisco last year, Bip is back in action with “Vintage”, a new street art piece that just appeared on the streets of Oakland in California. Starring 91-year-old Oakland resident Emma Levy holding a trash metal vinyl, the American artist created a great artwork full of positive energy.

BiP paints a 7-Story Building in San Francisco, USA

“What’s in your heart” could be the title of BiP‘s latest 7-story mural which just appeared somehwere on the streets of San Francisco in California.Not much information is known about BiP (Believe In People) which is keeping himself wrapped in mystery. It took close to a week for the anonymous street artist to complete this