Miss Me X CHEAP festival in Bologna -Italy-

Back into 2013 in Bologna – Italy- born CHEAP, an independent project focused on street art as a new tool for fueling urban renewal and investigating local geographies. Thanks to the creative effort of six women, it became an annual festival that has involved an international open call and a selection of guests invited to

An overview about “Pennelli Ribelli” Festival – Marzabotto, Bologna- Italy

Urban art festival Pennelli Ribelli (litterally translated: Rebel Brushes) has just finished its first edition giving the town of Marzabotto a series of murals signed by artists such as Ericailcane, Nemo’s , Collettivo FX, Guerrilla Spam, Kiki Skipi and -last but not least- Andrea Casciu,Β  who also played the role of the Art Director of

“The Hunt” a new street piece by Levalet in Bologna, Italy

After a great piece in Paris a few days ago, Levalet has now reached the shores of Italy where he was invited to participate in the Cheap Festival.Working on the streets of Bologna, the French artist was given an entire building to transform with his imagery. The end-result is pretty cool and is entitled “The

2501 paints “Negative Space 2” in Bologna, Italy

Our friend 2501 is currently in Bologna, Italy where he was invited by the Cheap Festival to work on a new piece entitled “Negative Space 2”.The Italian street artist spent a few days working on 43 handmade posters and painting 45 sections of this long wall, the result is a mix of pasters and paint.Continue

Borondo x Cane Morto New Mural In Bologna, Italy

Constantly travelling around Europe, Borondo recently stopped by Bologna where he hooked up with Cane Morto to work on this brilliant collaboration entitled “Teta”.The newly formed street art combo spent a few hours working on this piece which is combining Borondo’s representational imagery with one of Cane Morto’s crazy Picasso-esque characters.Check out the piece in