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Miss Me X CHEAP festival in Bologna -Italy-

December 17, 2018
3 min read
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Back into 2013 in Bologna – Italy- born CHEAP, an independent project focused on street art as a new tool for fueling urban renewal and investigating local geographies. Thanks to the creative effort of six women, it became an annual festival that has involved an international open call and a selection of guests invited to carry out site-specific projects scattered throughout Bologna’s urban landscape and outskirts.

For 5 years CHEAP has worked with paper, flirted with the ephemeral, brought together fabulous singularities and associative initiatives in artistic research inspired by and engaging with the local area. Even if now CHEAP cannot longer be defined as a festival, as its format changed, but it is still an urban project of great creativity and artistic and international involvement.

This year, among the various guests, we find Miss Me, the undisputed queen of the paste-up art.

“To be born with a woman’s body is to bear the unsolicited burden of humanity’s unresolved attitudes towards sex. She learns to adapt to a patriarchal system that blames women for the misbehavior of men. She’s taught to be ashamed of her sexuality and apologize for the power of her body. This is the portrait of an unapologetic soldier, The Portrait of a Vandal.”

This observation is the launching pad for the work of Miss Me, the Montreal-based artful vandal: all of her paste-up street pieces develop around the issue of gender, women’s bodies, power and the abuse of male power, the violence that repeatedly, systematically rains down on women’s bodies.

Miss Me was invited to create a project in Viale Masini, on a 150-meter-long wall. On a blood red background, the bodies of MissMe’s “vandals” appear one after another, with typographic posters in between (designed by Benedetta Bartolucci aka Redville) bearing the phrases the artist has used over the years to accompany the pieces she has hung up all over the world, often illegally, often late at night: from the evocative “I didn’t came from your rib, you came from my VAGINA”, to “don’t blame women for the misbehavior of MEN”, together with “It’s not me, it’s YOU”, not to mention the decisive “FUCK your judgment”.

There are also posters written in Italian with references to local feminism. MissMe’s female “Vandals” assert this re-appropriation, they claim the right to act on it in anger, without holding back, without good manners, without pretty smiles, having re-educated themselves according to a promising new premise: FUCK your judgment.

Check more photos below by Michele Lapini and Cheap and stay tuned with us for more news from street art scene in Italy.

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