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An overview about “Pennelli Ribelli” Festival – Marzabotto, Bologna- Italy

October 26, 2018
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Urban art festival Pennelli Ribelli (litterally translated: Rebel Brushes) has just finished its first edition giving the town of Marzabotto a series of murals signed by artists such as Ericailcane, Nemo’s , Collettivo FX, Guerrilla Spam, Kiki Skipi and -last but not least- Andrea Casciu,  who also played the role of the Art Director of the entire festival.

Pennelli Ribelli obteined the support of the town and its institutions, as well as the aid of citizens themselves, whom were excited to see the rebirth of some areas plenty of disused buildings in Lama di Reno’s village.

Marzabotto is an evocative name with reference to an important tragedy of Italian history during the Second World War: the carnage of Marzabotto carried out by a German army department against local population with the aim of annihilating a group of partisans.

The intent of the project was the redevelopment of abandoned factories, already protagonists of the industrial past of the valley, and the launch of a new visual language dedicated to the memory and to the symbolism of Marzabotto’s history.

Although the organizers did not established a main theme for the event, it has come up spontaneously: resistance & freedom. The artists decided to leave a trace in memory of that terrible massacre and to give a sign towards freedom of expression and action.

Despite walls’ large-scale, all the murals were done in just 5 days-working.

Collettivo Fx have created a strong visual impact mural that speaks for itself; the title is precisely To the fallen of the Cartiera di Marzabotto and it is a tribute to all those who lost their lives during the armed attack.

Kiki Skipi, a young and talented illustrator, wanted to pay tribute to the women who, during those years, fought to protect the partisans by resisting the enemy army with a work entitled The time of Partisan wolves.

Guerrilla Spam, artistic collective among very active in the Italian scene, has depicted an Historical Excursus 1919-1938-2018, with references and parallels between past and present, connected to the theme of racial law, discrimination and civil massacres, heavy arguments unfortunately still very current in the contemporary society.

Finally, on one of the biggest façades of a former paper factory, we find a 3-hands work with a significant meaning. Starting from Ericailcane ‘s Il tasso partigiano, we enter  into Staffetta represented by a tadem-bycicle ridden by the well-known characters always present in Nemo’s and Andrea Casciu works. In the composition we find, as first character, Ericailcane’s badger that destroys the traps and clears the way to the tandem, inspired by the figure of the relay, or those who brought news during the war.

Check more images below sent by the artists and Alessandra Neri, La bellot, Giorgia Bellotti and stay tuned with us for more news from Italy.

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