Stinkfish, Himed & Reyben in Queretaro, México

Our friend Stinkfish recently spent some time on the streets of Queretaro in Mexico where he teamed up with Himed & Reyben to work on a new collaboration. Working on a picture that Stinkfish took in Mexico three years ago, Himed and Reyben created an ultra detailed large stencil while the Colombian artist himself added

Stinkfish & Empty Boy collaborate in Bogota

Stinkfish is back in his hometown of Bogota, Colombia where he linked up with his friend Empty boy to work on a new mural. The newly formed duo created this large new piece mixing Stinkfish’s red abstract patterns with Empty Boy’s detailed stencils. The end result pops-up and will surely be enjoyed by the local

“Blue in Green” by Sepe & Chazme in Budapest

Here’s the latest collaborative wall from Sepe and Chazme in Budapest, Hungary created for the  Szines Varos Street Art Festival. The all-star Polish dup created an impressive piece entitled “Blue in Green”. It is straightly refering to the festival’s topic which is this year the City and the Water. However between the lines, Sepe and Chazme put metaphors talking

Stinkfish & Mantra collaborate in Vienna, Austria

Stinkfish is still in Austria where he recently linked up with French artist Mantra to work on a new collaboration in the city of Vienna. The newly formed Urban Contemporary duo created this large and beautiful collaboration featuring Mantra’s hyper-realistic style combined with Stinkfish’s vibrant abstract patterns. The source image comes from a photography that

2501 & Aris collaborate in Certaldo, Italy

2501 recently returned to Italy where he linked up with his friend Aris to create a new piece on the streets of Certaldo in Italy. Invited by the Local Art Walls Street Art Festival, the newly-formed Italy duo quickly worked their way through this intricate monochrome piece by mixing and blending each of their distinctive style,

“La Joya” by Belin & Bikismo in Puerto Rico

Spanish artist Belin spent a few days in the Caribbean where he linked up with the Chrome Master aka Bikismo to create a new piece. Painting on the streets of Rio Piedras for the Fuego a la Lata event, the newly formed street art duo blended their imagery with this artwork entitled “La Joya”. Belin

Adele Renault & Shoe collaborate in Berlin, Germany

Summer has been busy in Berlin and our friends Adele Renault and Shoe just finished working on a super fly collaboration in the district of Schöneberg in Berlin, Germany. Curated by Rom Levy and invited by the good people from Urban Nation, it took the duo about five days to complete this six-story high building. Adele

“The Mysterious Thing” by Ever & Zio Ziegler in California

Zio Ziegler and Ever teamed up in Milli Valley in California to work on this new piece which is entitled “The Mysterious Thing”. This piece is an homage to the mexican muralism combined with the surrealism movement. This is combination of 2 different movements however they are connected by shapes and forms. “Behold my brothers, the spring has come;