New Works from E. LEE in Chicago & Bloomington, IL

Chicago based American Artist E. LEE has stayed busy this season with two new street works. The first, titled “Mounted”, is 12 x 35 feet and located in Bloomington, Illinois. E. LEE tells us “Two years ago I had a vision of big gold frames all in a row, with horses sticking their heads out

Two new works from E. Lee in Amsterdam

Chicago based American artist E. Lee is on the move in Europe, this time putting up new works in the Guezenveld and Slotermeer neighborhoods of Amsterdam. “Remorse” (top) and “Ode to Tulips” (bottom) were completed this week in conjunction with the Street Art Museum Amsterdam. “Remorse” features Superman in a moment of deep thought. It

Deih paints a series of new pieces in Valencia, Spain

Our friend Deih is currently in his hometown of Valencia in Spain where he just wrapped up two brand new murals.The Spanish artist quickly worked his way through these beautiful and unusual pieces which are featuring his unique comic-like imagery. The first piece shows a survivor trying to help his own heart to survive while

Deih New Street Art Mural – Barrio del Carmen, Valencia

Our friend Deih just kicked off his year with this amazing new mural which he just finished painting in the Barrio Del Carmen, Valencia, Spain.Located on the San Ramon Street, this piece is part of the Spanish artist’s insider cosmos series.Continue reading for more images on this superb street piece and then check back with