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New Works from E. LEE in Chicago & Bloomington, IL

November 7, 2017
2 min read
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Chicago based American Artist E. LEE has stayed busy this season with two new street works. The first, titled “Mounted”, is 12 x 35 feet and located in Bloomington, Illinois.

E. LEE tells us “Two years ago I had a vision of big gold frames all in a row, with horses sticking their heads out like stalls in a stable. When @lsglandon and @kyleglandon asked me to do a piece on this building built in the 1880’s as a horse hospital, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The man carrying the frame in the bricked-up entry for the horses is based on one of my favorite Norman Rockwell paintings, appearing on the March 1946 cover of The Saturday Evening Post.”

LEE continues “It was a privilege to bring all of these elements together in a narrative that feels extremely personal. Art has always served as a mirror for me. The pieces I make show me how I feel before I consciously realize it. I definitely view this piece from the perspective of the unframed horse. Maybe it has something to do with me being a middle child, or because I hate being defined or confined… but I look at him and feel he may be dreading what’s coming.”

Next up is “Walking Away” as the artist revisits a favorite subject to fans of his work, comic book heroes. “Walking Away” features Peter Parker’s Spidey costume, but our favorite web-slinger is nowhere to be found

“Walking Away” is located in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, and shows that even your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can only take so much.

We hope E. LEE has a few more tricks up his sleeve for us before the snow hits Chicago this winter!

Keep up with the prolific E. Lee on his website www.worksbyelee.com & Instagram https://www.instagram.com/_e.lee_/

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