“Mother and Daughter” by Reka in Brøndby Strand, Denmark

Reka just wrapped up a super large 40 meters long mural somewhere on the streets of Brøndby Strand in lovely Denmark. This piece entitled “Mother and Daughter” is a community based theme, which was inspired by the walls location in a Housing Commission block on the outside of Copenhagen. Meeting the locals and seeing the

Conor Harrington unveils a new piece in Copenhagen, Denmark

While we last heard from him in Aalborg, Conor Harrington also stopped by Copenhagen in Denmark where he was part of the line-up for the excellent Surface Outdoor Project curated by Søren Solkær.The Irish artist quickly worked his way through yet another massive mural which is now showing one of his signature battle scenes. Two

Borondo creates a new mural in Copenhagen, Denmark

Gonzalo Borondo recently stopped by the city of Copenhagen in Denmark where he was invited by the Surface Project to work on a new mural. The project is curated by Søren Solkær to celebrate the launch of his latest book “Surface”.The young Spanish artist was given the opportunity to work on a large building in

DALeast creates a new piece in Copenhagen, Denmark

DALeast is currently in Denmark where he was invited to work on a large new building for the Outdoor Surface Project curated by Danish photographer Søren Solkær.It took a few days for the Chinese muralist to create this outstanding depiction of a giant rusted eagle which was painted using his signature energetic line-work.Take a look

Nychos x DXTR x Gevaer New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

While you discovered their first collaboration for Galore a few days ago (covered), Nychos and DXTR are at it again but this time they teamed up with Gevaer.Followed by our friend Henrik Haven, the newly formed trio quickly painted this fun piece somewhere in Copenhagen, Denmark.Anyways, stay tuned after the jump for the full gallery

Mr Thoms New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

While we last heard from him a few days ago in Italy (covered), Mr Thoms is now in Northern Europe where he spent a few days working on this new piece in Copenhagen.As usual with the Italian artist, he delivers a fun new piece entitled “Sherlock Homeless”.Take another peek at this piece with us below

ZED1 New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

After a first series of piece earlier this month (covered), ZED1 is still in Copenhagen where he just finished working on this piece for the Galore Festival.As usual, the Italian painter delivers a beautiful and colourful piece featuring his distinctive and unique characters.Look below to get a better look at this piece and check back

Nychos x DXTR New Mural In Copenhagen, Denmark

After New York City (covered), Nychos is back in Europe where he just wrapped up this collaboration with DXTR in Copenhagen, Denmark.In town for the new edition of the excellent Galore Street Art Festival, the duo delivered a superb signature piece entitled “Outta Space Pregnancy”.If you stop by Copenhagen, you’ll be able to see the