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“Mother and Daughter” by Reka in Brøndby Strand, Denmark

August 23, 2018
1 min read
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Reka just wrapped up a super large 40 meters long mural somewhere on the streets of Brøndby Strand in lovely Denmark.

This piece entitled “Mother and Daughter” is a community based theme, which was inspired by the walls location in a Housing Commission block on the outside of Copenhagen.

Meeting the locals and seeing the community interact helped direct this wall, where the artist painted portraits of some of the locals he met.
The focus was on the Mother role and the relationship with the children of the neighbourhood. Also the nature element was explored which is an ongoing theme of Reka which linked with the community in Brondby for this project.

Take a look below for more images and then make sure to head over to our Instagram for exclusive updates.

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