Henry Chram in Huaraz, Perù

Peruvian artist Henry Chram reached us with these beautiful new murals that were just created in the city of Huaraz, the capital of the Ancash Region, North Perù. During his no-stop travelling activity, the muralist has painted delicate and silent portraits of girls hidden by flowers, on the walls of private or abandoned homes. Take

Two new works from E. Lee in Amsterdam

Chicago based American artist E. Lee is on the move in Europe, this time putting up new works in the Guezenveld and Slotermeer neighborhoods of Amsterdam. “Remorse” (top) and “Ode to Tulips” (bottom) were completed this week in conjunction with the Street Art Museum Amsterdam. “Remorse” features Superman in a moment of deep thought. It

Aryz New Mural In Cologne, Germany

While you discovered the work in progress a few days ago (covered), Aryz has now finished his gigantic skeleteon in Cologne, Germany for CityLeaks.Marked by an intensive colourfulness and compositional brilliance, his large-scale street murals never fall short of fascinating the observer. No matter if human, animal or skeleton, his distinctive characters always appear strangely