“Vera” by ECB in Mannheim, Germany

German artist Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB just finished his magic on a large building somewhere on the streets of Mannheim in Germany. Entitled “Vera”, ECB brought to life another striking portrait featuring his signature monochrome-technique. ECB has been known on the scene in recent years for his massive portraits of people, sometimes subjects known to the

Recap: Rose Beton Festival in Toulouse

For its second edition, Rose Béton, the Toulouse Urban Culture Festival, decided to focus on Graffiti. This movement, which developed in New-York at the beginning of the 70s, would quickly conquer the world and become a global phenomenon. Forty years on, it has evolved and developed from a cultural niche into a real artistic movement.

Hendrik ECB Beikirch in Marrakech

German artist Hendrick Beikirch aka ECB recently returned to Marrakech to continue his mural series ‘Tracing Morroco’ where he illustrates across the globe large portraits of Moroccan characters he met during his residency at Jardin Rouge in collaboration with the Montresso Fondation. This series of portraits depicted in the book ‘Tracing Morocco’ (covered here) is the result of encounters