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“Vera” by ECB in Mannheim, Germany

September 4, 2016
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German artist Hendrik Beikirch aka ECB just finished his magic on a large building somewhere on the streets of Mannheim in Germany.

Entitled “Vera”, ECB brought to life another striking portrait featuring his signature monochrome-technique. ECB has been known on the scene in recent years for his massive portraits of people, sometimes subjects known to the artist and other times from his imagination.

“Vera” was painted as part of the Stad Wand Kunst Street Art project and she will now proudly live in Mannheim for years to come.

14125701_328101500862813_249557429254709095_o 14207837_328101370862826_4400089211174340292_o 14195386_328101154196181_734884873280263254_o 14188205_328101427529487_2605973529985947328_o 14195386_328101154196181_734884873280263254_o 14188205_328100950862868_421553418583647996_oPictures by Alexander Krziwanie

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