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Hendrik ECB Beikirch in Marrakech

April 25, 2016
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Hendrick 03

German artist Hendrick Beikirch aka ECB recently returned to Marrakech to continue his mural series ‘Tracing Morroco’ where he illustrates across the globe large portraits of Moroccan characters he met during his residency at Jardin Rouge in collaboration with the Montresso Fondation.

This series of portraits depicted in the book ‘Tracing Morocco’ (covered here) is the result of encounters between a man, a country and his people. Hendrick ECB Beikirch is paying tribute to those anonymous Moroccans he met, emphasising these fascinating emotions through portraiture.

This large scale mural is an homage to Aziz, a local Marrakchi builder working at Jardin Rouge, who coincidentally worked to repair this exact wall previously. The mural can be seen across the Marrakech train station.

See some work in progress shots below.

Hendrick 01Ecb_aziz_Marrakech_©Paul_Etard_15_HD (Large)Ecb_aziz_Marrakech_©Paul_Etard_4_HD (Large)Hendrick 07 Ecb_aziz_Marrakech_©Paul_Etard_5_HD (Large)Hendrick 06Hendrick 04

Photos credit: Butterfly, Paul Etard/Jardin Rouge

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