THE SHOPHOUSE is a new exhibition and social space dedicate to people who value quality of life in the quaint neighbourhood of Tai Hang. The Grade III listed pre-WWII ‘tong lau’ offers a total of 4000 square feet gallery space restored from original architectural and interior features, such as the “Shanghai plaster” exterior surface, wrought

Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys Art Project by Kila Cheung in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, the most common and most neglected light comes from road warning lights. Warning lights are found everywhere in the city where thousand of construction works are in progress every day. Amber Au and Kila Cheung worked together for the Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys 30 days project in the summer of 2017. Kila

Alexis Diaz in Hong Kong For HKWalls

The one and only Alexis Diaz just wrapped up an impressive piece on the streets of Hong Kong for the always excellent HKWalls Street Art Festival. The Puerto Rican muralist spent about a week geared with black ink and his tiny brushes to create this ultra-detailed street art piece. The result with Alexis is once

Okuda on the streets of Hong-Kong

While we last heard from him in Morocco, Okuda is now in China where he just finished working on a brand new piece on the streets of Hong-Kong. In town for the HKWalls Street Art Festival, the Spanish artist brought to life some of his vibrant imagery for the locals to enjoy. Taking over an

Several new pieces by Vhils in Hong-Kong

While he spent the last few weeks in Hong-Kong preparing for his solo exhibition “Debris”, Alexandre Farto aka Vhils just unveiled a series of new street pieces. Featuring his signature technique of cutting through multiple layers of posters to create images, the Portuguese artist brought a new life to the walls of Hong-Kong with these

“The Wild Roses” by Fin DAC in Hong-Kong

The Shek-O peninsular in Hong Kong has become quite a draw for urban artist Fin DAC. Following on from last years paint trip which resulted in ’Senaka’ his first ever rooftop mural, the artist has returned to add another even more elaborate piece to his ‘Hidden Beauty’ series of works. Painted over 8 days and

Vhils newest portrait in Hong-Kong

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils is spending some time in Asia where he’s currently working on several new interesting projects in Hong-Kong.  Breaking away from the studio work, the Portuguese street artist and his crew created this beautiful portrait of a young Asian lady in the city’s center. Using his signature technique of chipping away from

Stinkfish produces several murals in Hong-Kong

After mainland China, Stinkfish is now in lovely Hong-Kong where he managed to cram in several new street pieces.The globe-trotting street artist once again created some of his signature imagery with this series of stenciled-portraits combined with energetic abstractions and patterns. A beautiful addition to Hong-Kong’s landscape by the Colombian muralist.A bunch of extra shots