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“The Wild Roses” by Fin DAC in Hong-Kong

March 4, 2016
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The Shek-O peninsular in Hong Kong has become quite a draw for urban artist Fin DAC. Following on from last years paint trip which resulted in ’Senaka’ his first ever rooftop mural, the artist has returned to add another even more elaborate piece to his ‘Hidden Beauty’ series of works.

Painted over 8 days and in his own words ‘battling with some very unseasonal, El Nino weather’ the artist took a slight deviation from his usual style to create ‘The Wild Roses’: a couple of asian beauties frolicking in baths of milk and flower.

As is always the case with his ‘Hidden Beauties’, location details have not been issued but check the ‘making of video’ below for any clues.

“The Wild Roses” by Fin DAC in Hong-Kong

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