“A Trip Around The Stars” by Zed1 in Montegranaro Italy

The last mural painted by Zed1 for the Veregra Street Festival in Montegranaro is entitled “Un viaggio per le stelle”, a trip around the stars. Zed1’s walls aren’t simple drawings. They transform into imaginary illustrated fairy-tales that are capable of giving us the keys of multiple ways of understanding. His characters animate in front of our

Anti-War Mural by Eron in Cevo, Italy

Italian artist Eron has just painted a new piece of his series ‘Soul of the Wall’ on the façade of the former school building in Cevo, Camonica Valley, Italy for the Wall In Art project. Created to commemorate the history of the village, as well as to bear witness to the tragic nature of war,

“L’Arzdora” by Hyuro in Cotignola, Italy

Our friend Hyuro just sent us some images from the latest murals she created in Italy on the streets of Cotignola. The structure and composition of a family in Cotignola during the Eighteenth Century was marked by the lack of privacy, due to a multigenerational family life, with a codified and accepted hierarchical structure and

Soda latest intervention in Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy

After a careful study of urban spaces in Santa Croce di Magliano for his work, SODA has created three artworks within three days. Materials, shadows and geometries have influenced the design of his latest street art pieces. In this way, the artworks have been able to dematerialize the walls and to open a dialogue with

Ozmo in Bolgheri, Italy

OZMO realized a big size mural in Bolgheri, a land that has inspired and continues to inspire the arts. The painting on the outer wall of the Le Macchiole – one of Tuscany’s finest wine estates – is full of details that, painted in chiaroscuro tones of black and white, appear suspended in an ideal

Puhl latest mural in Perugia, Italy

Brazilian artist Rogério Puhl recently sent us some images from his latest mural which was just completed on the streets of Perugia, a small medieval town in Italy. For his first ever feature on StreetArtNews, Puhl brought to life a beautiful and intricate piece of work. Painted using brushes and black and white acrylic paint,

BOTANY by Giulio Vesprini on the rooftop in Turin, Italy

The artistic residency who saw Giulio Vesprini invited at MissionToArt has just ended. An intense experience that has seen, on one hand, the birth of a limited edition screen printing produced by Sericraft-Printing Company and entitled LOSTLOVE. On the other hand, the artist has left his unmistakable sign with a colorful work on the roof

‘APC’ – New mural by VESOD in Turin, Italy

Let’s talk again about the talented Italian artist Vesod Brero who has just finished a new thrilling and unbelievable wall in his, almost, hometown (Turin) titled APC. The work is part of a project promoted by the Municipality of Turin called #TOWARD2030 which includes the creation of various murals in the coming years all around the