‘Ephemeral Volume 5’ by Ciredz in Tuscany, Italy

Ephemeral Volume 5 is the title of the last mural realized by italian artist CIREDZ in Agliana (Tuscany, Italy) and it is part of the “Ephemeral Volume” series. Roberto Ciredz was invited to Tuscany on the occasion of the fourth edition of Street Art Agliana, a project promoted by the Municipality of Agliana, organized by The

Artist Interview: Millo

World-known for his large scale black and white murals, Millo’s art is immediately recognizable by simple monochromatic lines figuring child-like subjects, interacting with the surroundings. We reached him for a coffee break during his intense painting activity, talking about his fine technique and future plans, starting from the night before his first mural… Hey Millo,

“Save Our Souls” by MP5 in Terni, Italy

MP5 is currently in Terni, Italy where she just finished working on a large new piece which is entitled “Save Our Souls”. This piece commissioned by the city is her own reflection on Italy’s current state. “The shipwreck is that of civilization. Of culture, of solidarity. Even in our daily context that we define democratic

A brand new wall by Andrea Casciu in Fiorano Modenese, Italy

Andrea Casciu is back to leave his unmistakable sign with a new mural work entitled “Pietra Sonora” in Fiorano Modenese. Andrea’s work is a tribute to the famous Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola, to whom has been dedicated a larger project entitled “The Stones Tell”, made it with the intention of enhancing the works already present

Ampparito’s New Murals in Frazzano, Sicily, Italy

Ampparito recently took part in an ongoing street art project that is taking place in a small town of Frazzano on Sicily in Italy. During his stay in town Spanish artist designed and painted a series of panels which reflect his overall experience with the city council. Unlike usually in his practice the artist arrived

Millo in Forlì, Italy

The Murali Street Art Festival curated by Bonobolabo collaborated with Millo to create a new mural on the streets of Forlì, a city in Italy’s northern Emilia-Romagna region. Painting during the 70th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, Millo sent along the following quote to illustrate the idea behind is painting. Art. 3 “All citizens have equal

Artez Solo Show ‘Dreaming on Canvas’ @ Galo Art Gallery – Opening Night

Saturday April the 7th our friend Galo invited in his Turin based Gallery serbian artist ARTEZ to exhibit for his very first solo show in Europe. As every Galo’s opening night, also ‘Dreaming on Canvas’ it has been a great party in which many friends and artists have passed to admire the works of this talented

“Tropicalism” by Tellas in Galatina, Italy

Our friend Tellas recently spent some time in Galatina, Italy where he worked his way through a new piece, curated by ViaVai Project. Entitled “Tropicalism”, the talented Italian artist created another stunning mural for this tropical series showing some of his signature minimal & organic imagery. Tellas’ style is quite unique amongst the artists active on the streets