ArtWhino: “La Espera” by Jade in Richmond

We continue our ongoing coverage of the Richmond Mural Project 2016 organized by ArtWhino with Peruvian artist Jade which just finished an impressive new piece. Entitled “La Espera” ( -Waiting- in Spanish ), the talented South American artist painted this large piece without the use of any projector. As usual with Jade, his technique is impeccable

Jade unveils a new mural in Portland, USA

Jade is currently in North America where he was invited by the good lads from Forest For The Trees to create  new mural on the streets of Portland.After a few days of work, the Peruvian muralist just wrapped up this beautiful piece showing the image of a woman and a bird. The woman seems to

JADE paints a striking mural in Barranco, Lima

Constantly busy on the streets of Lima in Peru, JADE has just finished working on yet another brilliant piece located in the district of Barranco.Painting for the Muraliza El Barrio Festival, the Peruvian muralist create this beautiful and striking mural entitled “The Home Of Sigh”.  Located close to the Bridge Of Sigh, one of the

“Understanding and Protection” a new mural by JADE in Barranco, Lima

JADE is back on the streets of his hometown, Lima in Peru where he was invited by the district of Barranco to work on a large new piece.Entitled “Understanding And Protection”, the Peruvian muralist once again brought to life one of his unique creations with this beautiful piece showing a young man laying down on

JADE & Evoca1 collaborate on a new mural in Mexico City

JADE and Evoca1 were also part of the Constructo Street Art Festival which recently took place on the streets of Mexico City.The newly formed duo spent a few days working on this beautiful piece which is featuring each artist’s distinctive style and imagery.While researching the history of Mexico city for their collaboration, the street art

JADE paints a new mural in Holbox, Mexico

Street Art festival IPAF is currently taking place in Holbox, an island in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located on the north coast of the Yucatán Peninsula.Peruvian muralist JADE is part of this year’s line-up and he just finished working on this sweet new piece entitled “El Guardian”. JADE’s signature characters always have a very

JADE paints a series of new pieces in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Coming straight from Lima in Peru, JADE was also in Dominican Republic for the first edition of the ArteSano Festival curated by Inoperable and Evoca1.The popular Peruvian street artist graced the streets of Rio San Juan with a series of signature murals which are sure to brighten the day of the local residents.Continue reading for

JADE paints a new street piece in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

The Artesano Street Art Festival in Dominican Republic is currently underway with several murals going up around the island where JADE already finished working on his first piece.Painting in Rio San Juan, the Peruvian artist quickly worked his magic on this cute piece showing one of his signature characters about to release a large fish