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ArtWhino: “La Espera” by Jade in Richmond

July 23, 2016
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We continue our ongoing coverage of the Richmond Mural Project 2016 organized by ArtWhino with Peruvian artist Jade which just finished an impressive new piece.

Entitled “La Espera” ( -Waiting- in Spanish ), the talented South American artist painted this large piece without the use of any projector. As usual with Jade, his technique is impeccable and the end results shows a group of people and a bird looking toward a distant house waiting for something to happen.

Take a look at more images by TostFilms after the break and then check back with us shortly to discover the latest artworks created for the Richmond Mural Festival.

Photo Jul 21, 10 13 32 AM
Photo Jul 21, 10 02 59 AM Photo Jul 18, 4 09 08 PM Photo Jul 18, 4 04 12 PM

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